Urban Misfits

img_3081Chicken Names/Breeds:

Gangsta Boo – Red Sex Link
Da’ Brat – Black Sex Link
Sweet Cheeks – Americauna
Ms. Pickles – Rhode Island Red
Rah Digga – Rhode Island Red
Foxy Brown- Rhode Island Red
Suki- Red Reich
Ms. Kitty – Red Reich
Lady Gwen – Wilver Laced Wynadotte

Neighborhood:  Crown Colony

Fun Facts:

Welcome to Le Chateau de los Pio-Pios!  This 2 year old flock is located in the heart of the wild suburbs of SE Charlotte. What started out as a simple wish for more control over our food supply has turned our little home in the cul-de-sac into a micro-farm where every day bears a new learning adventure.  With a little patience and lots of creativity, our ‘ Girls’ coop came together from the recycled materials of our community (go FREECYCLE! Davey Trees, The Produce Box and all the people, companies and organizations who invested their unwanted and used materials to our little project).  Having a backyard flock has expanded our community, helped us meet some wonderful like-minded people,  taught us a little bit more about our food supply and best of all our eggs are homegrown, delicious and nutritious!