Little Red Hens


Flock Name:  The Little Red Hens

Chicken Names/Breeds:

Lemon, Salt and Pepper, Paprika, Kitten, Clairol 6RB

Orpington, Amerauna, Dominique, Mutt

Neighborhood:  Plaza Midwood

Fun Facts:

It was a dream of mine to have an urban farm. I drew the design on a piece of paper and modeled after the Amish barns that I saw along the highway. It is built from scrap lumber and recycled materials.  It has access for easy cleaning and for easy gathering of eggs. It has a tin roof and another roof above the run. I can walk into it to take care of the birds and their water. It has windows and a light to help me clean the coop in the dark winter. I have protected my hens with hardware cloth including digging a foot or so out from the coop and placing bricks and cement to keep criitters from digging under. I put Pennsylvania hex signs on it for good luck. I was given a stained glass chicken as a gift so that is on the door. I grow herbs and incorporated them into baskets hanging from the hardware cloth with “s” hooks. I also put the feathers of chickens that have gone to the “great pasture in the sky” on the door as a memorial. I know this is weird, but the chickens do become “my girls” as they grow up and I loved them! My coop has a chicken weather vane on top and flower boxes.