Hot NoDa Chicks

2016-nodachicks-coop-tourFlock: Hot NoDa Chicks.

Neighborhood: NODA
Yardbirding:  Since 2009

Chicken Names/Breads:  Dolly (Cochin), Free Willam
ena (Black Sex Link), Dinosaur Chicken (Black Sex Link).  A Silver Laced Wyandotte and Eeaster Egger are on the way but won’t arrive before the tour.

Bio: 1 original hen. I added hens each year to have a variety of aged hens. I chose some for laying versus some aged hens.  My hens drink “BirdSong Beer.”  They get BirdSong’s spent grains… but not so much as to ‘drive to their coops drunk.”  We used Four Dogs Pet Supplies to find our Reedy Creek Organic Feed.  I would also encourage you to visit my garden of blueberries, blackberries and veggies.

Fun Facts:  The Green Egg winner from last year has constructed new and improved walk in, predator proof coop with its own disco ball (courtesy of my neighbor).  Come over and check it out!  As you face the house, come around the right side and through the gate.  See you soon.  And if your lucky, you may see one of my Hot Chicks catching disco fever.