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image13Following the lead of Raleigh, Greensboro, and Austin, Texas, Four Dogs Pet Supplies will be presenting our sixth annual Queens Coop. On April 4th, 2020.   We will host a fun-filled day for the entire family. Proceeds from the day’s events will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank to benefit their Pet Food Bank.  Knowing where your food comes from and growing your own food, combined with the popularity of backyard chickens, is a fast growing trend in Charlotte.  Backyard coops are springing up all over the QC and, as a result, have been shown to produce high quality organic eggs, especially when using Reedy Fork organic feeds. Chickens are also kept for multiple other uses such as pest control and autism therapy for children.  The Queens Coop will include a tour of local chicken coops as well as a class and other special activities at Four Dogs Pet Supplies. Jeff Mattocks, author of Feeding Pasture Raised Chickens, will be presenting two classes:  9 and 10:45 am. Jeff was instrumental in formulating the Organic Feed we sell from Reedy Forks Farms in Elon, NC, and he is an expert in all things chicken.

Four Dogs Pet Supplies focuses on premium and ultra premium pet foods for dogs. We also carry every day items for cats and even chickens for our fowl minded friends. In addition to food, we carry a wide range of pet essentials such as collars, bowls, leashes, grooming products, beds, toys, and pet related art.   As ‘big dog’ people, we are keenly aware of how difficult it can be to find supplies suitable for large breeds. You can count on us to ensure that pups of ALL sizes will be taken into account. Four Dogs Pet Supplies is conveniently located near the Matteson bridge in NoDa at the corner of N. Davidson and Charles Ave.


Reedy Fork

5 Points Realty was launched in 2007 in the throes of Charlotte’s mid-2000s real estate boom. Seven high performing brokers joined forces to create 5 Points Realty.

It was essential all involved shared a passion for architecture and design, whether preserving an original mill house in NoDa, renovating a mid-century modern in McCrorey Heights, building a sleek contemporary home, or seeing potential in an old filling station. The love of design came first, selling and buying came as a result. Now, we are stronger than ever with a growing team of talented brokers, a revered reputation and a proven record in buying, selling, renovating and building in
residential and commercial real estate.

While being a Proven historic force in Charlotte Real Estate,
we remain Fresh in our approach and Friendly in our attitude.

Free Range Brewing  is the dream made real of Jeff and Jason Alexander, brother brewers inviting your to “let your taste buds roam.” Brewed in small-batches and crafted with local ingredients to create one-of-a-kind creations.

They took this same adventurous yet practical approach to brewing when they opened their brewery in 2015. Located in the NODA area of Charlotte, North Carolina, most of the brewery’s furnishings and decor are reclaimed and repurposed goods from the post-industrial neighborhood and surrounding area farmsteads. What they’ve created is an environment that fosters community and collaboration. As of now, Free Range Beer can only be found at the brewery’s pub, featuring 14 ever-rotating beers, cold brew coffee and house-made shrub sodas. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, they invite you to stop in and “let your taste buds roam.”